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Luggage Repair Warranty Work

Dear customer,

Please understand that we CAN ONLY bill a manufacturer for a warrantable repair. This means that if you are looking for a part to fix your luggage yourself, you will have to obtain that part directly from the manufacturer as we do not sell parts. Determining if a repair is warrantable is a complex process that can normally only be done in person and it is best if you can bring the luggage into us for assessment. If you are out of state or otherwise occupied we can attempt to determine warrantability through email with pictures and luggage tag information. On this page you may find your manufacturer underlined, that active link will direct you to your manufacturer's warranty information page. Most manufacturers now require proof of purchase to cover repairs under the warranty. We highly recommend that when purchasing a new piece of luggage make a copy of the receipt, place in a zip-lock bag and place the zip-lock bag behind the lining, so you always have the proof of purchase with you.

Thank you,
Luggage Doctor

Manufacturer Warranty Policies

Samsonite, American Tourister, Hartmann, Boyt, High Sierra:
Samsonite warranties. We do not need receipts in order to bill Samsonite, but it is recommended if your bag is less than 1 yr old, nearing 10 yrs old, or purchased overseas. Some Samsonite duffels, office bags, and golf bags are a licensed product. This does NOT mean they are a knock-off, simply that they are manufactured by another company but carry as Samsonite logo. We can get you the correct warranty information for these bags, but we cannot bill Samsonite for these bags. We can determine by the tags if you have a licensed product, your warranty card will also specify. To our knowledge Samsonite stopped this in 2012, but there still may be a few out there for sale still.
American Tourister warranties. American Tourister is a Samsonite company. We do not need ... Read more
Boyt warranties. Boyt is now owned by Samsonite. Boyt now requires a copy of the original receipt to have the repairs completed under the warranty.
High Sierra warranties. High Sierra is now owned by Samsonite.
Hartmann warranties. Hartmann is now owned by Samsonite. Hartmann now requires the customer to have a copy of the ... Read more
Terms of Service — Warranty Work in Aurora, CO
Luggage — Warranty Work in Aurora, CO
Travelpro & Atlantic:
Travelpro warranties. Many Travelpro products have a limited lifetime warranty. This is NOT a lifetime, no questions asked warranty and will not cover wear/tear or other rips, dents, scratches, holes, and other cosmetic concerns. Read more
Briggs & Riley:
Briggs & Riley warranties. Get your Briggs bags in as soon as repairs are needed. If you wait too long, and too many repairs accumulate, you may need to ship the bag to Briggs directly for repair. The customer is responsible for the freight to ... Read more
Delsey warranties. Please note that Delsey typically discontinues its luggage lines every two years to keep the most current luggage technology active on their lines. This means that if your luggage is over two years old and requires a warranty ... Read more
McBrine Luggage:
McBrine Luggage warranties. The warranty is for defects only and will not cover wear/tear or airline damage. We need prior approval from the company to perform warranty work so we will not ... Read more
Swiss Gear, Wenger, BMW:
Swiss Gear warranties. Swiss Gear and Wenger luggage warranties are defects only and not covered for wear/tear and airline damage. Please come see us for your BMW luggage warranty options. ... Read more
Victorinox Swiss Army:
Victorinox Swiss Army warranties. Victorinox Swiss Army luggage does not always have a P.O. and Style number on a tag in the bag, so we cannot assess warranty durations over the phone.